Key applications of Artificial Intelligence in COVID-19

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In December 2019, the world witnessed the outbreak of COVID-19 in Wuhan city in China. Since then, we have been making efforts to adjust and adapt to the changes brought by the pandemic, which has been facilitated thanks to the development of several AI applications. Artificial Intelligence has benefited many aspects of our daily lives, here are some examples:


AI has supported the healthcare system tremendously in fighting against COVID-19. AI algorithms are widely used for outbreaks forecasting, fast detection of COVID-19 cases, contact tracing, vaccine development, patients monitoring and so on.


During the pandemic, many retailers face the challenge of labor shortage, while the demand of online shopping from customers is booming. AI chatbots and tools can help retailers replying to messages, emails and bridge the gap in customer service. In addition, AI systems can also be used to manage inventory, ensuring that each store can keep up with the demands from customers.

Social distance detection

Social distance is vital during the pandemic, wearable detection systems using Artificial Intelligence is an effective measurement to maintain safe distance. In places such as offices, schools, stations and supermarkets, these devices can track and alert if people are standing too close to each other to reduce risk of virus spreading.

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