Latest Trends In Software Development 2021

In recent times, we have witnessed a global digital transformation with many breakthroughs in almost every field, including the software development industry. Let’s take a look at some significant Software development trends in the year 2021.


Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have suffered from a sharp decline in customer demand. Some industries like transportation and tourism find it difficult and costly to maintain data centres. In those times, Cloud-based platforms like Google or Microsoft were a much more flexible, affordable and secure solution to store data. As a result, an increasing number of companies are shifting their operations to the cloud in 2021.

Internet of things (IOT)

IOT is a system of devices that is embedded with sensors or softwares and connected to networks to collect, transfer and receive data. IOT can be used for many purposes, from health tracking to smart home monitoring. For businesses, IoT-based installments can transform the manufacturing and supply chain fields.


Blockchain has been commonly used in Finance and Government. However in 2021, this technology has made its way into the business world. Blockchain can be used to secure data and devices, support smart contracts platforms and thwart frauds.

Software Development Outsourcing

As the market is getting more crowded and competitive, many enterprises realise the importance of optimizing their processes and costs, which leads to the growing trend in Software Development Outsourcing. With the support of Software outsourcing vendors, companies don’t need to develop an IT infrastructure and software specialist team on their own. And still can gain access to fully tailored products that satisfy every specific business need.

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