How Artificial Intelligence is Improving Software Development Pt.2

Let’s look into some more aspects of Software development that have been benefited by Artificial Intelligence.

Rapid prototyping

A prototype is an incomplete version of the software being developed, companies show prototypes to clients so the software can be reviewed before being published. However, the process of developing prototypes takes up plenty of time and effort. With the support of Machine Learning, this process can be shortened and software developers can foresee possible outcomes that help them adjust the development process.

Provide Estimates

Software companies sometimes have a hard time keeping up with their plans. To many companies, software development estimation is a difficult task because there are always unknown obstacles that make them go over budget and timeline. Fortunately, AI can help us determine a more accurate software development estimate. This process involves analyzing existing data from past projects and predictive analytics. With these estimations, organizations can decide what projects to pursue to achieve maximum benefits.

Automated code generation

Writing codes is the most important part of developing a software, yet this process is undoubtedly time-consuming and labor-intensive. In the past, developers used to write codes before starting development, however, this technique is insufficient and holds a lot of uncertainties. Today, AI-powered programs can generate automated code, autocomplete codelines and give code suggestions, which can save a considerate amount of time for software engineers. 

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