AI Surveillance camera

Controlling home with video cameras and digital tablet
Ai Surveillance Camera

our solution

Smart track with AI camera, the scope of the project is to use AI-integrated camera to track and record all activities. Smart real-time alert for quick action to increase the security. More specifically, its activities are as follows:

Ai Surveillance Camera

With fundamentals

With AI machine learning, the quality of the notification data has improved day by day.

Higher quality, greater savings in terms of resources and operation cost.

Easy to use, easy to customize: the system is easy to implement, easy to customize by clicking.

The system is simple to implement, easy to customize according to customer standards, requirements.

Ai Surveillance Camera


Video Management System

VMS completes functionalities which allows users to effectively manage and ensure safety by screening.

AI Surveillance

With two highlights, AI Surveillance Camera is superior with Traffic Surveillance tracking and Human monitoring.

IoT module Integration

An 'Open System' built to benefit users to extend the system with many other IoT devices.
AI surveillance camera

VMS completes functionalities

Xoontec, provides VMS meanings, allows users to manage and ensure safety. By dropping and dragging, the cameras are flexible to be configured with multi camera modes. Watch your videos in the cloud and local at any time and anywhere.

Ai Surveillance Camera

AI applied

We use our Dataset and Algorithm to train AI engines to deliver automated and prompt results. This efficient feature will save precious time and help ensure safety and security. 

Ai Surveillance Camera

IoT module integration

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