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artificial intelligence

We empower your business with the incomparable advantages of AI, a technology that allows a machine to mimic intelligent human behavior.

The applications:
  • Consult, design, develop, implement the solution using AI
  • Apply AI in the software project to improve the quality and efficiency of project
  • Analyze and improve the accuracy of data recognition by machine learning and natural language processing
  • Invoice processing (auto detect data + label data)
  • Document processing (auto detect data + label data, use case: identity card, birth certificate…)
  • Image processing (auto detect object + label object, use case: auto driving, fashion)
  • Face recognition (blacklist/whitelist, market analysis)
  • AI camera (security monitoring)
Our products:
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Internet of things

Wearable Solution:

Technology is evolving rapidly, personal devices are smaller, smarter, and yet powerful. Nowadays, portable devices such as smart watches, smart bracelets have become more popular. But in the entrepreneurial environment, the evolution of carrier technology is only beginning. Organizations can use a portable device as a single service point such as ID card, payment, entry card, employee health surveillance, etc. There is a lot of detailed information that helps to protect and improve the Organization.

There are numerous features in the project in proper functions:
  • RFID (Replaces the ID Card), QR code.
  • Indoor location.
  • Monitoring different health related parameters such as step count, heartbeat, ECG, sleep monitoring, body mass, body temperature, etc.
  • Covid-19 social distancing.
  • Support sending data automatically to a center.
  • IoT Framework for Device Management.
  • IoT Infrastructure to manage all devices in a Center.
  • Web-Interface and Organization App (Database, Dashboards, Reports, Data Analyzing Tools).
The applications:
  • Employee care.
  • Monitor patients in a hospital.
  • One ID Card for multiple services in Application.
  • Covid-19 Social Distancing.
  • Asset Management.
Our products:

Software Development

We outsource to build, manage, and improve the applications for businesses ranging from large businesses to small start-ups.

With our experience and high-tech tools, Xoontec offers a range of technologies to make the software evolve:
  • Mobile: Android (Java), iOS (Swift), OpenCV, Flutter, Firebase, Open API, SignalR for dart.
  • Front end framework: AngularJS, Angular 2+, ReactJS, VueJS, Redux, Observable, SignalR, HTML, HTML5, CSS, SCSS, SASS, Javascript, Jquery, Bootstrap, MaterialUI, WordPress, PHP, WPF, XAML.
  • Back end: NodeJS, .Net framework, .Net core, C#, C++, VB SOAP, Restful, Window Service, COM service, WebSocket, DB Broker.
  • AI: Python.
  • Tizen OS: Native app, Web app.
  • DB: MSSQL, MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB.
  • Message Queue: Window message queue, Amazon MQ, RabbitMQ, MQTT.
  • Search engine: Elastic Search, DB Full Text Search.
  • Process: Scrum / Agile.
  • Testing process: Manual test, Automation test, Integration Test.
  • Integration: CI/CD, TFS, Jenkins, Git, Docker.
The applications:
  • Consult, design, develop and implement software products.
  • Build and maintain website product, mobile applications.
  • Improve existing products and systems.
Our products:
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